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After-sales service

Service throughout the entire lifespan of your product
Pilot won’t lightCylinder valve is closedOpen valve
Blockage in orifice or pilot tubeClean or replace orifice or pilot tube#
Air in the gas lineOpen gas line and bleed it (pressing control knob in) for not more than 1-2 minutes or until you smell gas
Low gas pressureGas cylinder low or empty
Igniter failsUse match to light pilot, and obtain new igniter and replace. ( See below pictures)
Pilot won’t stay litDirt build up around pilotClean dirt from around pilot
Connection between gas valve and pilot assembly is looseTighten connection and perform leak test
Bad thermocoupleReplace thermocouple
Burner won’t lightGas pressure is lowReplace gas cylinder
Blockage in orificeClear blockage
Control knob is not in "ON" positionTurn control knob to "ON" position
Burner flame is lowGas pressure is lowReplace gas cylinder
Note: Do not operate heater below 5(40°F)Outdoor temperature is greater than 5(40°F) and tank is less than 25% fullReplace gas cylinder

Supply hose is bent or kinkedStraighten hose and perform leak test on hose

Control knob is fully " ON"Turn control knob to "OFF", let it cool to room temperature and check burner and orifices for blockage
Emitter glows unevenGas pressure is lowReplace gas cylinder
Note: Bottom 2.5cm of emitter normally does not normally glowBase is not on a level surfacePlace heater on a level surface

Heater not levelLevel heater
Carbon build-upDirt or film on reflector and emitterClean reflector and emitter
Thick black smokeBlockage in burnerTurn control knob to "OFF", let it cool to room temperature and remove blockage and clean burner inside and outside.