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Why choose Oripower

We Innopower devote to Customer’s satisfaction & success Comfortable life Sustainable development

√ Have 20years’ experience in gas products’ manufacturing and exporting
√ 7-10days new products’ sampling
√ Professional CE approved gas laboratory to test all gas appliances
√ High quality control & novel design of the products
√ With R&D department and welcome OEM, ODM
√ Proficient in EN14543, EN449, EN203, EN498, AS4553, ANSI Z83.26 standards
√ CE, AGA, CSA, ETL, SANS, LFGB, DGCCRF certificate
√ BSCI, Walmart, ISO9001:2008 factory audit experience by BV, SGS, TUV
√ More than 400sets equipments including 1set laser cutting machines, 3sets vertical machining centers, 18sets CNC lathers

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Already worked with companies of all sizes

We understand that small entrepreneurs may need a little extra time and a helping hand to fully explore their options. Roetell has experienced success in previous cases, which is truly inspiring and shows what you can achieve for your products, brand and bottom line.

Peb Lub Hoobkas

Ningbo Innopower Hengda Hlau Khoom Co., Ltd., yog cov koom tes sib koom ua ke tsim xyoo 2004. Abutting rau Ningbo tshav dav hlau thiab Ningbo seaport, nws muab txoj hauv kev yooj yim rau ob qho tib si tsheb thauj mus los thiab kev thauj mus los. Nrog thaj chaw thaj tsam ntawm thaj tsam ntawm 47, 000 sq. Metres thiab thaj chaw thaj tsam ntawm 40, 000 sq. Metres, peb lub Hoobkas muaj ntau tshaj 100 tus neeg ua haujlwm (tshaj 10 tus kws tshaj lij) thiab ntau tshaj 400 ntau lub tshuab.

Cov npe qub los ntawm Ningbo Hengda Hlau Khoom Co., Ltd., tsim nyob rau xyoo 1984, Innopower Hengda tau dhau los ua cov chaw tsim khoom siv ua cua sov thiab khoom siv ua noj, suav nrog cov tshuab ua cua sov, cov roj ci nqaij txias, cov khoom siv roj hauv tsev thiab sab nraum zoov, cov roj hluav taws (roj av) chaw tua hluav taws), chaw rauv roj, taws hlawv taws, khoom siv ua noj ua haus (pob khoom siv qaib ntxhw), hneev nti, taub hau dav thiab lwm yam.

The company is ISO9001 and BSCI factory inspection. Most of our products are approved by CE, AGA, CSA, SANS certificates. Favored by high quality and competitive price, we committed to unparalleled professionalism and service to our customers from both home and abroad.

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Peb zaj dab neeg

In 1984, Mr. Yang had started business of processing crossbow parts in his own family in Dongyang village, with only 10 persons in total .

Those years, the company business grew very steadily and rapidly.

In 2000, Ningbo Hengda Metal Products Co.,Ltd was established. For the convenience of transportation, the factory was moved out to the archway of Dongyang village with about 80 employees.

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Khoom muaj peev xwm

Equipment: 400+ various machines including 2sets laser cutting machines

Product Capacity: 30,000+ heaters & BBQs / Month

Gas engineers: 25years’ experience

Accept OEM, ODM new products

Fast new products sampling: 7-10days

Certificates: CE, CSA, AGA, SANS, LFGB, DGCCRF

Factory Inspection: ISO9001:2008, BSCI audited

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Tuam txhab duab

Read more about how professional of our factory and where you can use our products.

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1.The company is ISO9001 and BSCI factory inspection.

2.Most of our products are approved by CE, AGA, CSA, ETL, SANS, LFGB, DGCCRF certificate.

3.We have awarded 30 patents, Including:1 Invention patent, 17 Utility patents, 12 Design patents.

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Commitment to Employees
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