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Stufa a gas con fiamma blu H5209 , Omologazione CE

Luogo di origine: Ningbo, Cina
Marca: Oripower
Numero di modello: H5209
Certificazione: CE
Quantità di ordine minimo: unità 100
Imballaggi particolari: Scatola da esportazione marrone o personalizzata
Tempi di consegna: 25-45 giorni
Condizioni di pagamento: T / T, PayPal, occidentale Unione, MoneyGram, ordine Ali, L / C, D / P ed ecc
Capacità di fornitura: 30000 unità / mese


This gas heater has a very unique looking design with triangular burner. The open flame for maximum comfort. The built-in ODS system protects by switching off the flame. This is the choice for safe, indoor supplemental heating. It is great for use in. your home or cabin. This heater does not require electricity to operate, making this an excellent choice for everyday heating and emergency situations when the power goes out. This blue flame wall heater burns with high efficiency and operates on liquid propane or natural gas. 

Articolo no H5209
Tipo di gas Propano, butano e miscele (GPL)
Potenza termica 4.2Kw/2.0Kw (2 settings)
Consumo 305g/h,140g/h
Accensione Impulse electric with AAA battery
Formato del prodotto 41.5X46X73cm
Imballaggio 1SET / 1ctn
GW / NW 12.0 / 10.0kgs
Formato della scatola 47.5 * 29.5 * 79cm
Qtà contenitore 260 / 540 / 640pcs
20 '/ 40' GP / 40 'HQ

Caratteristiche principali

Blue flame gas heater

1- Gas type: Propane, Butane or Mixtures (LPG)

2- Power: 4200W/1600W (consumption: 305g/h)

3- Ignition: Impulse electric with AAA battery  

4- Built-in ODS device

5- Flame Failure Protection Device

6- Innovative and sophisticated shapes, Robust Construction

7- Instant heating with novel triangular burner system

8- Ergonomic top window design to open/close gas bottle valve easily. 

9- Full size tank cover with Child-proof gas bottle controls

10- Very high container loading qty to save freight for clients

11- 4 Castors For Easy Movement

12- Cylinder Capacity: Max.15kg

13- Product size: 415x460x730mm