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NEW glass tube flame patio heater

Item No. H1602 in black
sarcina 2CTNS/SET
GW 21.9
KGS 11.2
Magis Zephyrus quam Aquilo 19
KGS 20
currus magnitudine 46.5x46.5x97cm      84.5x61x16cm
Qty/20'/40'GP/40HC CCXXV / CDLXXV / 96pcs
approbatione CE
Attende mail order package

Technical data:

NEW glass tube flame patio heater
Color: nigrum
1- Gas type: Propane, butane and mixtures (LPG)
2- Heat input: Max.11.2kW ( 815g/h)
3- Impulse Ignition with AAA Battery
4- Include tilt switch and flame failure device
5- 2pcs borosilicate glass tubes ( Quartz tubes is optional)
6- 1pc  Glass tube as connection
7- 2sets inspiring design protection grids in black

Item size: Dia.700x2200 mm
Glass tube: Dia.100mm*625mm (2pcs)
Glass tube as connector: Dia.105*160mm
Top Reflector: 4pcs K/D Dia.700mm in aluminum
Steel table: Dia.550mm in black
Gas cylinder capacity: Dia.330x670mm (max.15kg gas bottle)
Base in Dia.455x90H mm in black

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