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P1201 Glass flame patio heater with glass stones,CE approval

मूल स्थान: निing्गबो, चीन
ब्रान्ड नाम: Oripower
मोडेल संख्या: P1201
प्रमाणीकरण: CE
न्यूनतम आदेश मात्रा: 50 एकाइहरु
प्याकेजिङ्ग विवरण: Brown export box or Per customers’ requirement
वितरण समय: 30-45 दिन
भुक्तानी सर्तहरू: T / T, PayPal, पश्चिमी Union, MoneyGram, Ali order, L/C, D/P and etc
आपूर्ति क्षमता: 5000 एकाइ / महिना


गिलासको साथ आगो गैस आँगन हीटर

The unique outdoor fire that brings renowned style and flame picture to your patio or garden.

It is a mobile gas patio heater that works with butane and propane gas, it combines the visible fire with the heat of it. Thanks to the glass stones, the heat circulates inside, and gets outside through the four-sided top glass. When the glass is warm, it also provides a short-distance infrared heat.

This gas patio heater with glass is perfect for glass-covered and wind-protected terraces, or open outdoors if mixed with other infrared heaters. The warm and illumination is a very attractive factor for any kind of business.

It doesn't only bring heat, but illumination and comfort to your outdoor space. The high quality materials and the simplicity of it will allow you to use it during the years.

Really simple to ignite and regulate, this black-painted steel heater is very robust and light at the same time, and thanks to its four lockable wheels you can move it through any kind of surface.

बस्तु संख्या। P1201-GS
ग्याँस प्रकार प्रोपेन, बुटान र मिश्रण (LPG)
गर्मी उत्पादन Max. 8kW
खपत Max.576-599g/h
चैन प्रज्वलन इलेक्ट्रिक इग्निशन
उत्पादन आकार 469 * 469 * 1390mm
पैकिंग १ एसईटी / १ सीटीएन
GW / NW 45 / 39kgs
दफ्ती आकार 53 * 53 * 89cm
कन्टेनर क्वाटी 108 / 230 / 280pcs
20 '/ 40'GP / 40'HQ
प्रमुख विशेषताहरु

- Maximum performance: 8 kW.

- Fabricated with high quality materials.

- Perfect for any kind of business.

- Compact and elegant design.

- Four-sided tempered top glass.

- Great illumination and heating source.

- Robust, resistant and light at the same time.

- Electric ignition with AAA battery

- Anti tilt safety system.

- Gas bottle storage.

- Portable thanks to its four lockable wheels.

- Easy maintenance.

- Fuel: propane/butane gas.

- Consumption: 0,5 kg/h.

- रंग: कालो

- Dimensions: 46.9 x 46.9 x 139 cm. (Width x Depth x Height)

- Weight: 45 kg.

- CE Approved.

- Warranty: 12 months.

- Applications: Outdoor, Garden, indoor use

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