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Ningbo Innopower Hengda Metal Products Co., Ltd, 2004 yilda tashkil etilgan aktsionerlik kompaniyasi. Ningbo aeroporti va Ningbo dengiz portiga kelib, transport va tashish uchun katta qulaylik yaratadi. Taxminan 47 000 kv. Metr va qurilish maydoni 40 000 kv. Metrni tashkil etadigan fabrikamizda 100 dan ortiq ishchilar (10 dan ortiq texnik) va 400 dan ortiq turli xil mashinalar mavjud.

Ningbo Hengda Metal Products Co., Ltd tomonidan 1984 yilda tashkil etilgan bo'lib, Innopower Hengda turli xil isitish va pishirish moslamalarini, shu jumladan gazli verandali isitgichlar, gazli barbekyu panjara, yopiq va tashqi gaz isitgichlari, gaz olovlari (gazni yoqish) ishlab chiqaruvchisi bo'ldi. o't o'chiriladigan joylar), gaz plitalari, gaz pechlari, pishirish uchun idishlar (kurka to'plami), o'tish joylari, kallaklar va boshqalar.

The company is ISO9001 and BSCI factory inspection. Most of our products are approved by CE, AGA, CSA, SANS certificates. Favored by high quality and competitive price, we committed to unparalleled professionalism and service to our customers from both home and abroad.


Yuqori sifatli ishlab chiqarish

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.

  • Zavod maydoni


  • Number of Staffs

    100 +

  • Patent

    30 +

  • Uskuna

    400+ various machines including 2sets laser cutting machines

  • Mahsulot hajmi

    30,000+ heaters & BBQs / Month

  • Gas engineers

    25years' experience Accept OEM, ODM new products

  • Fast new products sampling


  • Sertifikatlar



Bizning hikoyamiz

Our story1

In 1984, Mr. Yang had started business of processing crossbow parts in his own family in Dongyang village, with only 10 persons in total .

Our story2

Those years, the company business grew very steadily and rapidly.

In 2000, Ningbo Hengda Metal Products Co.,Ltd was established. For the convenience of transportation, the factory was moved out to the archway of Dongyang village, just besides S34 provincal highway, with about 80 employees.

Our story3

In the same year, eventually, Ningbo Hengda had finished the research and development of the first outdoor patio heater and stepped into new industry of gas appliances.

With rapidly increasing growth, in 2004, Ningbo Innopower Hengda Metal Products Co.,Ltd was founded as a joint venture.

In the same year, the first CE and AGA approval was acquired.

Our story4

In 2008, for the first time, Ningbo Innopower was ISO9001 certified.

In 2015, the factory was BSCI certified.

Till now, we sell over 86 countries all over the world and have 35 customers already cooperated with us for more than 15 years.